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SKF Bearings

SKF Bearings

SKF is a mutinational group which has its own specific research institute in Holland,and it has 40,000 staffs,8000 suboffices in the world , SKF is also represented in 140 countries through some 15 000 distributors and dealers. SKF is always close to its customers for the supply of both Products and services.

SKF bearings provide the highest quality bearings with the longest possible service life. At Bearing Kinetics we sell most SKF bearings, including all the basic types of bearings like ball, cylindrical, tapered, spherical, plain and mounted. Sizes range from 1/2-inch OD ball bearings weighing less than an ounce to 76-inch OD slewing rings weighing more than 6 tons. Grades vary from ABEC 1, a relatively wide-tolerance industrial grade to ABEC 7 and 9 super-precision machine tool grade.

High Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings Product Comparison

SKF® high precision angular contact ball bearings have all the characteristics demanded by today’s machine tool spindles:

  • high speed capabilities
  • high running accuracy
  • low noise/vibration levels
  • low operating temperatures.

In fact, standard SKF high precision angular contact ball bearings have the advantages of ABEC-9 runouts and the lowest noise
levels available, features not built into other manufacturers’ standard products.

Other useful and unique features of SKF high precision angular contact ball bearings that make them easy to use and highly effective include:

  • 1 micron (0.00004") marking (deviation from nominal) on the bearing’s bore, O.D. and box
  • serialization of sets
  • marked points of maximum eccentricity
  • “V” etched across the O.D.s of the set
  • SKF Ball Bearings Roller Bearings

Marking of bore, O.D. and box

The marking of each bearing’s bore, O.D., and box allow the user to see, at a glance, the actual deviation from nominal of the
bearing within 1 micron (0.00004 inch). This allows the user to keep the bearings sealed in their original unbroken package,
maintaining bearing cleanliness prior to installation.

Serialization of sets

Serialization of bearing sets allows tracking of bearing sets, which prevents inadvertent mismatching. Within a set, bores and O.D.s are dimensionally matched to within one half of the permissible tolerance. When bearings are replaced, the entire set of angular contact ball bearings should be replaced to obtain the full benefits of the design. Serialization of each bearing in the set allows the user to assure that an entire new set of bearings is installed, making the job of installation easier.

Eccentricity points marked

Each bearing has the maximum points of eccentricity on the inner ring and outer ring marked with an asterisk. Such marking is
important because it helps reduce system runout errors and thus allows the production of more accurate parts.

O.D. Marking for orientation

Nonuniversally ground preloaded sets are marked with a “V” across the set’s O.D., showing the orientation of each bearing in the set and the alignment of the high points of eccentricity. This feature makes SKF high precision angular contact ball bearings easier to install and to use. (NOTE: Universally ground pairs are not "V" marked on the O.D.)


SKF Hybrid Bearings

Precision balls made of silicon nitride, a ceramic material, bring a new dimension to the potential of rolling bearings and other precision ball applications. Silicon nitride, or Si3N4 has specific unique characteristics that can make it a better choice for a ball material in precision ball applications that require high speed, high stiffness, high hardness, lower noise, electrical insulation properties, and high temperature capabilities.

SKF Ball Bearings Roller Bearings

SKF is a pioneer in the research and development of alternative materials for precision balls and silicon nitride is one of the newest materials. Balls made of silicon nitride signify a major breakthrough in precision ball technology and bring new potential to many rolling bearing application

Si3N4 balls in rolling bearings

Low density, low thermal expansion, higher modulus of surface elasticity, less stringent lubrication requirements, very low service finish, and low conductivity are all inherent features of ceramic balls. These features bring advantages that open up many new possibilities for rolling bearings.

Several options exist to help realize significant new application possibilities with hybrid precision bearings. Designers can take advantage of the benefits offered by ceramic balls in precision bearings by incorporating them into high speed and challenging applications.

Summary of hybrid benefits

  • Lower density- silicon nitride balls have a density of only 40% of similar steel balls.
  • This means- Higher speeds, less weight, lower inertia, more rapid starts and stops.
  • Low friction- silicon nitride's low coefficient of friction enhances wear resistance enabling bearings to run cooler even when they are poorly lubricated.
  • This means- Better lubrication, less noise, lower operating temperatures.
  • Higher modulus of elasticity-ceramic balls have a 50% higher modulus elasticity than steel
  • This means- increased bearing stiffness
  • Low conductivity- ceramic balls act as a barrier to electrical current passing between inner and outer rings.
  • This means- simple method of insulation.
  • Lower coefficient of thermal expansion- Ceramic balls have a thermal expansion only 29% of similar steel balls.
  • This means- Less sensitivity to temperature gradients for more accurate preload control.


SKF Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing

The machined brass cage version of the SKF SRACBB provides better performance under harsh conditions. It can be used
in applications where a pressed metal or polyamide (plastic) cage is normally used, and offers the following advantages:

  • Superior performance in heavily loaded applications
    The SKF machined brass cage is designed for longer service life under heavy thrust or reversing loads.
  • Efficient high-speed operations
    Rotating equipment is being pushed to ever increasing speeds. Operating speeds of up to 45% higher than standard cage types - or 650,000 ndm (rpm X dm*) - can be obtained.
  • More durable in marginal lubrication environments The SKF machined brass cage provides increased service
    life even when lubrication is poor or insufficient. It also gives early waring of potential failure, so service time can be schedules cost-effectively.
  • Operated in temperatures over 250° F
    The SKF machined brass cage operates effectively in the 250° F plus range, without fear of cage damage or failure associated with operating temperature.
  • Higher overall reliability
    Superior brass cage performance - in combination with more closely defined axial clearance ranges in all SKF angular contact ball bearings - provides longer bearing life and allows higher MTBF (mean time between failure).
  • Availability
    SKF offers the most comprehensive in-stock line of single row angular contact ball bearings with machines brass cages manufactured in the USA.


SKF Ball Bearings Roller Bearings


  • Centrifugal pumps, including those used in the petrochemical, refinery, paper, mining and steel industries.
  • Electrical motors
  • Vertical or horizontal centifuges, separators and evaporators
  • Compressors, with the exception of those in ammonia service
  • Wherever operating conditions are only generally known and other cage options cannot be satisfactorily evaluated

Size Availability: The machined brass cage can be identified by the letter "M" in the suffix of the bearing designation. some examples of universally matchable SKF SRACBB designations in their respective size ranges are:

Size Old Suffix New Suffix*
7204-7222 BEAGM BECBM
7224-7232 MG BCBM
7304-7322 BEAGM BECBM
7324-7328 MG BCBM
7405-7415 BMG BCBM
7416,7418-20 MG BCBM


SKF Double-Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings

SKF double-row ball bearings are available in A-type (conrad construction) and E-type (maximum capacity with filling notch). Conrad-type bearings feature a 30 degree contact angle. The 30 degree angle allows for greater axial loads than competitive bearings with lower contact angles. For SKF double-row bearings with an A, AH, E or M suffix, the contact angles converge outside of the bearing for increased resistance to misalignment. Conrad-type double-row ball bearings can take heavy radial load and axial loads equally in either direction.

SKF Ball Bearings Roller Bearings

A-type (conrad design)

SKF double-row ball bearings are available with seals, shields and snap rings. The open variant of the SKF double-row ball bearing features a new design that offers these key benefits:

  • Increased cage stability in high vibration and marginal lubrication conditions
  • Increased outer ring stiffness
  • Bearing designation marked on the wide outer ring shoulder
  • An oil reservoir designed in the outer ring

Conrad-type bearings are available in 5200, 5300 and 5400 series in a wide range of sizes. A pressed steel, snap-on cage is standard for most sizes of this bearing type. A machined brass cage is also available as standard on specific sizes. A polyamide cage is optional in selected sizes to meet the requirements of your specific application.

SKF Ball Bearings Roller Bearings

E-type (maximum capacity)

SKF E-type double-row ball bearings have filling notches on one side to permit assembling the maximum number of balls into the bearing. Similar to the conrad-type, the contact angles in the max-type design converge outside of the bearing. E-type bearings are available with seals, shields or snap rings, or a combination of these components. The bearings have the capacity to handle heavy radial loads. They also have thrust capacity in one direction, with the ability to accommodate light thrust load in the reversing direction.

Max-type bearings are available in 5200 and 5300 series in a wide range of sizes. A pressed steel snap-on cage is standard for this bearing type.


  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Blowers
  • Gearboxes
  • Electric Motors
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Fan Clutches
  • Automotive (under-the-hood)

Agricultural and Farm Bearings
Consumer Electronics
Electric Motor
Fishing Reels
Industrial Machinery
Marine Applications
Medical Instruments
Motorcycle Bearings
Power Tools
Radio Control Cars