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Frequesntly Asked Questions


Question: Do the materials of each component make a difference in the performance of a bearing?


Question: What's the latest I can order a bearing and receive next day?

Any order received before 5 pm (CST), and is in stock can be shipped next day via UPS.


Question: Are all ceramic balls made equal?
Answer: No. There are several grades of ceramics available on the market: Grade 5, 25, 50, 100, with Grade 5 being the highest quality. Rest assured that Bearing Kinetics uses only Grade 5 ceramic balls on all products that leave our doors.

Also, be aware some companies sell substandard ceramic coated steel ball bearings. If the price sound too good to be true, ask your dealer.

Question: What is the advantage of Ceramic bearings?

Full Ceramic

Ceramic bearings have the normal steel balls replaced by white ceramicballs. The ceramic balls are made of solid silicon nitride. The ceramic silicon nitride ball is by far, smoother, harder, lighter and stronger than one made off steel.

Hybrid Ceramic


  • LIGHTER. The ceramic bearings are lighter then the steel ball.
  • HARDER. Ceramic bearings are harder then the steel ball.
  • LESS VIBRATION. Allowing your machinery to run with less stress.
  • SMOOTHER. Ceramic bearings have smoother surface properties then the steel ball.
  • THERMAL. Ceramic bearings have better thermal properties then the steel ball.
  • LUBRICATION. Ceramic bearings are impervious to oxidation, chemicals, and require essentially no lubricant.
Question: What type of ceramic bearings do you use?
Answer: The ceramic bearings we use and sell are solid ceramic silicon nitride.

Snap Rings

Question: Can you custom cut V or U grooves?
Answer: Yes, we can custom cut grooves according to your specifications.
Question: Do we have to buy the bearing from Bearing Kinetics to receive this service?
Answer: No, we know not every bearing supplier offers this service in the DFW area, so bring them in.
Question: Is there a minimum number for making snap-rings?
Answer: No, we do not impose minimums in quantity. large or small, every customer is important to us.

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