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Ball Screw Support Bearings

ball screw support bearingA ball bearing screw for the ball screw is a screw which runs on ball bearings. The screw and nut for ball screw have matching helical grooves or races, and the ball bearings recirculate in these races.

There is no physical contact between the ballscrews and the ball screws nut. As the screw or nut rotates, and the rolling balls reach the trailing end of the nut, they are deflected or guided from this PITCH contact by means of a return tube and returned to the leading end of the circuit. There, the cycle resumes and the balls recirculate continuously. Linear motion applications utilizing a ball screw or an acme screw require high tolerance screw end machining matched with precision bearing support unit (supporter) mounts.

We supply ground ballscrews and rolled ball screw C3, C5, C7 grade, linear guideway ,linear motion xy table, robot table, mini xyz stage, precision locknuts, supperfine balanced lock nut,ACME lead screw (Metric Trapezoidal Screw).


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