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Stainless Steel Bearings

Stainless Steel Ball Bearings From S673 up to S6700 From S683 up to S6800 up to S6818 From S693 up to S6900 up to S6918 From S603 up to S6000 up to S6013 From S623 up to S6200 up to S6213 From S633 up to S6300 up to S6311 From SR133, SR1-5, SR144 up to SR6, SR8 Stainless

Steel Insert Bearings SUC200, SUK200, SHC200, SSA200, SSB200, SSC200 series Chrome Steel Bearings Carbon Steel Bearings Stainless Steel Housings SP200, SF200, SPA200, SFL200, SFB200 series Stainless Steel Bearings are made of AISI 440C martensitic stainless steel and are used for inner rings, outer rings and balls. Stainless Steel Bearings of AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel are used for retainers and metal shields. Stainless Steel Bearings Are:

  1. High resistance to corrosion  
  2. High stability in high temperature 
  3. High resistance to chemicals

Agricultural and Farm Bearings
Consumer Electronics
Electric Motor
Fishing Reels
Industrial Machinery
Marine Applications
Medical Instruments
Motorcycle Bearings
Power Tools
Radio Control Cars